The Nativity of our Lord was celebrated in the heart of India

Orthodox Church of India – Moscow Patriarchate Jan 09, 2020

The Orthodox Church of India (Moscow Patriarchate) wishes all a very happy and blessed Christmas!! Christ is born!! Glorify Him!!
On 7th January which is 25th December according to Julian Calender, the Nativity of our Lord was celebrated in the heart of India. It takes a lot of strength and preparation to organise and celebrate a great feast as Christmas but through your prayers and the mercy of God we could complete it with great joy. Last year Christmas and Theophany were celebrated in a church building generously provided by the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church but this year unfortunately it didn’t happen. So, we had to celebrate the birth of the Incarnated Word of God in a park. This is the same park where we celebrated the feast of Apostle Thomas. A building is always much convenient and safer both in terms of serving the Eucharist and for faithful to gather for it but even in it’s lacking Heaven was overshadowing us so that we could complete our Thanksgiving to the Lord.

Since the park we served Liturgy in was far from the city both the priest and the people had to travel long distance early morning to begin the liturgy as early as possible. Service began at 10:30 am. with the mystery of Confession. Meanwhile we were worship the Triune God, cooks were cooking festive meal for us. All baptised people present in the liturgy received the most holy heavenly bread and blood of God incarnate. Unfortunately because of it being a working day many couldn’t attend the Divine service.

This year 2 guests from Russia joined us in the celebration of the birth of our Lord. Both the ladies came to India on vacations. They were looking for an Orthodox Church but couldn’t find anywhere where they were staying so on internet they found that Fr. Clement ministers in India. They contacted him and came for the feast. Our guests do not know any other languages except Russian so Fr. Clement became a translator between them and people.

Like our Russian guests, Simon our brother joined us for the feast. He traveled to us from another state. Before coming here he had to overcome many obstacles which he did with help of the Mother of God.

After the liturgy, we congratulates our guests traditional Indian way by offering them garland. Later one of our guests sung a Christmas carol in Russian while people enjoyed it. Afte the carol our children performed dances. After that, Christmas cake and gifts were distributed to all and at the end feastal meal was served to all who came.

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