India. Theophany eve and the feast: Great Sanctification of water

Orthodox Church of India – Moscow Patriarchate Jan 24, 2020

Theophany eve and the feast: Great Sanctification of water!
On 18th January, at evening in the Life-giving holy Trinity Orthodox Church, rite of the Great Sanctification of water was celebrated by Fr. Clement.
On 19th, on the great feast of the Baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Theophany, Orthodox faithful gathered in the temple and with utmost joy celebrated the Baptism and the Revelation of God to this world. Despite having chilli harvesting season many faithful didn’t hesitate to leave their work in order to offer sacrifice of Thanksgiving to the Lord.
On the feast our Russian guests were also present. From the feast of Nativity to the feast of Theophany, both the ladies stayed with Fr. Clements family. Also, 6 Anglican observers were also present during the divine service.
As is our tradition the whole congregation participated in the liturgical responses and also sang Indian Christian folk songs with traditional instruments. As is prescribed, 2nd great sanctification of water was served and all faithful took the holy water with them. After the service festal meal Biryani was served to all. At last icons of the feast and icons of personal saints (though not all icons were available) were distributed to all. This year we published Church calendar in Marathi and it was also distributed to all families.

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