In India Father Clement has published a calendar for the new year 2020

Дело апостола Фомы Jan 04, 2020

Father Clement has prepared and published a calendar for the new year 2020. The calendar is unusual in that it contains all the memories of the saints whose names the new Christians of India bear. Also marked are the holidays and multi-day fasts.

New Year’s greeting from India

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Orthodox mission in India wishes you all a very happy and blessed new year. Let us welcome this new year with self examination, with a plage to correct ourselves, with thanksging and prayer, with forgiveness, goodwill for all, love for all and the new beginning of our Christian life. May God grant us all courage to face new challenges, strength to carry out our responsibilities, peace and love in our lives, humility to accept God’s will, patience and health, success in our works and heavenly joy, so that we may serve the Lord and imitate Him by walking on His path.

F. Clement.

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