Seminar for wardens of the parishes and newly ordained priests

Russian Orthodox Church in Mindanao Dec 04, 2019

On the feast of the Entry into the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, an expanded seminar for wardens of the parishes and newly ordained priests in the training and missionary center of the Blessed Matrona of Moscow, Davao was ended. Fathers and brothers regularly studied the rite of services, performed and corrected translations in “Cebuano” language, researched the dogmatic theology. The students also examined with Father Silouan Thompson the dangers that await Christians on the spiritual path. The abundant life examples from Father Siluan’s rich experience found a great response in the audience, who began to actively ask the lecturer about the events taking place at their parishes and the Christian way to solve them.
On the last day of the seminar, we were visited by guests from a remote area of ​​Davao, who wanted to learn more about Orthodoxy.

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