Former atheist was received into the Holy Orthodox Churh

Orthodox Church of India – Moscow Patriarchate Dec 28, 2019


Karan had a long journey of search for the truth before he found the true faith. He was born in a Buddhist family but in young age in Mumbai, under the influence of Marx and Richard Dawkins he became an atheist. A few years ago he read a book which talked about the western civilization being built upon Catholicism and that book became a reason for him to search Christianity with a new perspective. Soon he met a Roman Catholic priest with his questions who failed to answer or to convince Karan. He continued his studies and found the reformation made in Roman Catholicism after Vatican II and the introduction of Novus ordo, which has changed Catholicism so, he started looking for traditionalist catholics and eventually found Sedevacantists and SSPX and after going much deeper he found Orthodoxy, especially the writings of St. Maximus the Confessor made big impact on him and he decided to follow Orthodoxy. Soon he found out that the Greek Orthodox Church (Ecumenical Patriarchate) exists in Kolkata so from West coast of India he went to the easternmost coast of India only to get received into the Church but unfortunately he was discouraged and wasn’t received into the Church. Later he found out that the Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) has its presence in central India so he contacted Mr. Polycarp (a former Anglican bishop who became an Orthodox) and for last + couple years they were in contact. Last year Fr. Clement had pastoral visit to Mumbai but unfortunately Karan’s newborn baby fell sick so he couldn’t attend the services or get baptized but this year God opened doors for him and his daughter to get united to His Holy Orthodox Church and on Saturday 21st December Karan was baptized with the name Maximus (after St. Maximus the Confessor) and his 11month old daughter Moira was baptized with the name Elizabeth (after Venerable martyr Elizabeth Feodorovna). On Sunday, 22nd December they received their first Holy Communion. We request all to keep them in your prayers as well as Maximus’ wife, Sneha, who is yet to be illuminated with the light of Holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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