5 Catholics from “SSPX” united to the Holy Orthodox Church in India

Orthodox Church of India – Moscow Patriarchate December 26, 2019 
On Friday, 20th December 5 members of the Valladares family were received in Orthodoxy, three of them through “Repentance” and two daughters through “Chrismation”. Names of the newly illuminated servant and handmaidens of God are: Abdon, Emilia, Cicilia, Domitilla and Maria.
The Valladares family was a member of the Society of Saint Pius X, a traditionalist group of Roman Catholics. Few years back they came to know about Orthodoxy and started learning about it. Later they came into contact with an Orthodox monk Theodore from USA and over the time he guided them on the path of Orthodoxy. Last year monk Theodore contacted Fr. Clement and requested him to further guide the family. Fr. Clement contacted the family and in February visited them and later they were in contact. After confirming their understanding of Orthodoxy, her beliefs and practices and their firm conviction to be in the Church of God, Fr. Clement received them into holy Orthodoxy on 20th December. Mr. Abdon with his wife Emilia and eldest daughter Cicilia were baptized and confirmed in Roman Catholicism therefore they were received through the right of Repentance while two younger daughters, Domitilla and Maria were only baptized therefore, they were received through Chrismation. Please remember them all in your prayers.
(note: their faces are hidden on their request)


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